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The Team Portal has been created to ensure that WIXY Management, Jocks and Staff are on the same page. This is very important to the success of the station and to the consistency of our outbound communications. WIXY1260Online team members are encouraged to visit this page regularly, especially before doing a live show or communication to third parties, to ensure that we are delivering approved and consistent communications.


By accessing this page and contents you are agreeing and certifying that:

(a) you are an authorized WIXY1260Online team member; 

(b) you will use this site only for it's intended purpose; 

(c) you will not re-distribute or use the files on this website without the express consent of the Station Owner or the Webmaster; and 

(d) you have read and understand WIXY's Employment Policy.






WIXZTronic Change Log


Use OneNote Regularly to: [view approved announcements] [view on-air liners, clock-wheen, show checklist & rules] [view team contact info] & [keep track of sales leads] [prep for uncoming events & meetings] and MUCH more!


Lists of items needing attended to by WIXZ team members.

To receive e-mail notifications when the To-Do list is updated and/or join the To Do list, please contact the Webmaster (

WIXZ Cloud

Read-Only Access to Flyers, Manuals, Policies, Remote Show Materials, Clock Wheel and Art

Upload Files

Send photos and files to the Webmaster.

*Ask Owner or Webmaster for WIXY FTP Access.

Staff Facebook Page

Keep up with upcoming team events, news and internal communications.

>Facebook Events
>Remote Shows Page in OneNote


>External Sales Website
(Retail Pricing Site)
(Manage: paypal /

>Internal Sales Website (Employee/Staff Pricing Site)
(Manage: google /


We use Wunderlist to keep track of suggestions and tasks that require teamwork or cannot be immediately attended to. To receive e-mail notifications when the To-Do list is updated, make comments on or complete tasks within Wunderlist, create a Wunderlist acccount and then contact the Webmaster (

To view the list or add general items, you can use the station shared account - LOGIN:  PASSWORD: 

To add an item to the WIXY Suggestions/Shopping List without accessing Wunderlist: send an e-mail to with the word wunderlist in the subject or body of the e-mail (or click the "Add via e-mail" button below.)

Wunderlist instructions can be found in "Policies and Procedures & Code of Conduct" in the WIXY Cloud>Instructions & Policies folder.


1. ALL communications and interactions with third parties are only to originate by Station Management and/or clearly outlined and approved therefrom. (from: Policies & Procedures | Communications Policy)

        a. Only the General Manager, Assistant General Manager or Sales Manager can approve the use of WIXY1260Online/WIXZ1360Online Intellectual Property (such as flyers, logos, and etc.). Unauthorized use or re-distribution of WIXY1260Online/WIXZ1360Online properties are strictly prohibited.

        b. Only the General Manager, Assistant General Manager or Sales Manager can enter into sales and event agreements. Anyone acting in a sales capacity may promote the sale of advertising and events, but must convey final arrangements will be handled and/or approved only by the General Manager, Assistant General Manager or Sales Manager. 

Eric Rath, Sales Manager | WIXY1260Online/WIXZ1360Online



Request printed materials from Management or use Studio resources

Marketing Toolkit

w/ Media Kit and Rate Sheet
(Request printed toolkits from Management)


Check calendar before scheduling an event.

Track Existing Leads

(Doesn't work on Smartphones)


Show Clients Videos & Photos of our Events

Event Archives

Comprehensive details of prior appearances, events & contests.


Use this form while on the go to send new sales lead info to Management
(goes to